Cambridge Victoria Homes provides subsidised accommodation for those over 60 years who are able to live independently.  It offers a friendly environment with a community atmosphere, social events and the availability of occasional help when needed.

Cambridge Victoria Homes is located off Victoria Road, Cambridge, close to Midsummer Common and the City Centre and convenient for local shops and bus services at Mitcham's Corner.

There are 16 bungalows which are intended to provide comfortable accommodation for older people, particularly those with a local connection with Cambridge or with a Friendly Society.  There is a part time warden who provides support to the residents. The Homes does not offer nursing or care facilities because the accommodation is primarily for independent and active people.

Cambridge Victoria Homes terraced bungalows

Benefits of being a resident at Cambridge Victoria Homes include:
  • Affordable accommodation
  • Modernised and comfortable homes
  • Warden support 
  • Companionship from neighbours who all help each other out
  • A small close knit community with regular social activities
  • Landscaped grounds
  • Close to Midsummer Common and the City Centre
  • Pavilion and allotment facilities which provide for social and community events
Cambridge Victoria Homes

The pavilion is used for social gatherings